Recommended Products

I’m frequently asked for product recommendations, so to make it easy, I’ve shared some of them here. Certain products may be available locally in your area. I’ve provided the links to for convenience and accessibility.

Collagen and Whey


Matcha tea is rich in anti-oxidants and a source of l-theanine. I make a matcha latte with collagen to support overall health, focus, and connective tissue (skin, ligaments, joints, tendons, bones, etc.).


Kinsho Supports the Arts

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These recommendations are not to be viewed as medical nutrition therapy or to take the place of recommendations from your health care provider. I have provided links to as a convenience to my readers. The prices listed are the same whether you use the link or go to directly. As an Amazon Associate I receive a small portion of purchases made from my site. It doesn’t change the price for the consumer and it doesn’t influence what I recommend.

For recommendations about supplements to address medical nutrition therapy, I use a trusted on-line dispensary that ensures third-party testing and other quality measures for safety and efficacy. Please contact me for more information.